Is thinking even possible anymore ?

One of the looniest conspiracy theories ever is the idea that we went into lockdown as part of a Democratic plot to destroy the economy and therefore Trump's chances of reelection.

It's not that I put it past the centrist-Democratic party or it's close allies in the MSM.  Every minute of every day has felt like "get Trump" at all costs.   And this is coming from someone (me) who didn't vote for Trump.   We'll retrun to this in a bit 
The easiest way to poke a hole in the ballon of "Covid 19 is a hoax to destroy the Trump administration and steal the election" is this - pretty much all the countries of the world closed down their economies and sheltered in place.   Sure there were a few exceptions, perhaps most famously Sweden, which suffered a higher number of Covid deaths than it's neighbor states that had some kind of lockdown.    As an aside I consider it one of the most surprising things about the Pandemic that American conservatives are …

The Morning My Pancakes Woke Up

Quaker Oats (a subsidiary of Pepsico) is pre-emtively charging itself with racism for the use of a black woman's face on their "Aunt Jemima" pancake syrup, and pancake mixes.  Better to charge youself than to have a cadre of wokesters do it for you. 

Before going any further let me make one thing very clear.   The Aunt Jemima brand image is rooted in racist stereotypes of mammy figures and needs to give up those roots.   Quaker is quite right to be concerned with charges of racism and quite right to do something about it.    Whether or not this is a fate acompli is somethin I'll take up as we go. 

When it comes to fighting racism it occurs to me that if we are concerned about pancake mix logos, there may be a few other issues we've skipped over, such as  police brutality, voter supression, employment discrimination, housing discrimination, and...... you get the idea.     On the other hand, everything is connected.   Maybe we can't really deal with these ot…